14 March 2012

My favourite supermarket

We all have one right?

Maybe not.

I am picking the Ainslie IGA.

Because of the art work, the sense of community (as rated by two dogs waiting outside) and propinquity to my residency.

There are amphibious car park inspectors, known to utter loud notes in the springtime.

Stick-up art, as in, "Stick 'em up! We are here for your planet."

There is a mural in the corridor next to the supermarket.

There is another wall too; worth a look.

You could also see large bronze snails, birds, acorns and tree trunks around the place while you are there.

1 comment:

Wojtek said...

My fave supermarket at present is none other than my local Foodland.

It's proximity means I can perambulate with my child and dogs, for a pleasant walk via Magill Uni campus, load up on consistently cheap canned tomatos and other supplies, and then head home with dogs aiding in my trajection uphill.