20 March 2012

Thousandeye gone private


If you are reading this, you must have received an invite to be a reader.

I have switched this blog to private to manage my online profile while I do some job hunting.

Sorry for the inconvenience of logging in!



PS I have no idea if it worked. Obviously I don't really have anything to hide here per se, this is just risk management.

Also, my profile now appears twice - I don't know why.

15 March 2012

Praying Mantis, Dragonfly, Fungi and Lichen

No, this is not a post about a Chinese herbal remedy you need to boil for an hour before drinking.

Here is a praying mantis that was waiting outside my block the other night. She kindly waited for me to go inside and get my insect jar (patent pending), let me catch her and take photos before I let her go again. The wings of the female are only half-size.

They look so amazing when they take their prayer stance. If I am careful perhaps I can let one walk around on my hand next time. In a favourite book, My Family and Other Animals, Gerry has a pet one. Now I can see why. They are so fascinating.

I think a net might be a less stressful way to catch a mantis. She certainly looked very unhappy in the jar for those couple of minutes - I was compelled to release her.

This is a male (note full length wings) I saw on a wall outside work in Manuka a few weeks ago.

When I woke up the other morning, I pulled aside my curtain to peer gingerly at the morn, as you do, and this dragonfly was right in front of my face. We had a rather one sided conversation, but he or she was then happy to wait for me to grab my phone and take a photo.

In my front yard, which is a generous description of my circumstance, I found five diferrent fungi and lichen beneath the oak trees in one square metre. They were then artfully arranged for this shot, but I only moved one stick.

That's about the nature of it.

14 March 2012

My favourite supermarket

We all have one right?

Maybe not.

I am picking the Ainslie IGA.

Because of the art work, the sense of community (as rated by two dogs waiting outside) and propinquity to my residency.

There are amphibious car park inspectors, known to utter loud notes in the springtime.

Stick-up art, as in, "Stick 'em up! We are here for your planet."

There is a mural in the corridor next to the supermarket.

There is another wall too; worth a look.

You could also see large bronze snails, birds, acorns and tree trunks around the place while you are there.

07 March 2012

Flute technique tips

Playing along with Holst's Song of the Blacksmith provides an opportunity for many techniques because sometimes a horse gallops fast around the racetrack and other times goes placid along the rill and roll of hills.

If I were a horseshoe.