07 February 2012

If the music be the food of love,

eat somewhere else

It is excellent that Satis Cafe of Watson serves breakfast all day on Sunday, because it may take that long to get your order. The food itself is quite wholesome, although moulding up lightly warmed home fries does not qualify as a hash brown in my opinion, even if it is healthier.

Coffee was passable at best. Also, I was overcharged by more than $5 on leaving, which I returned to rectify. From reviews throughout the web, it seems they have maintained an outstanding record of poor service ever since opening. As someone who has made weekend breakfasts in a busy, busy cafe, I know it can be a real struggle -especially in a small space- but they should have worked it out by now.


play on

Last weekend, an amazing flautist moved into a neigbouring building, or at the least, we all could hear their playing for the first time. They practised for hours on Saturday and Sunday. This inspired me to have a play too. I am irregular with my flute playing, although musically, I have been singing a lot lately. It was really joyful for me to try and join their line.

Complimentarily, one of my neighbours saw me gardening on my balcony while the mystery player was filling the air with sounds sweet and said to me, “I thought that was you.”

“No”, I replied. “It must be a dryad.”

I agreed with another neighbour that they are a way better player than me. Luckily, I have still another neighbour that plays piano and I can often hear that too. I get mesmerised by other people’s playing, it is especially nice when the sounds drift through the night.

In case it seems to you that I am surrounded by neighbours, well, I won't deny it.

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