02 February 2012

A choose your own adventure

How to make postcards

What you need

  • My plan to buy a large piece of good stiff brown cardboard from Eckersley’s
    fell through when I happened into a framing shop and found a big bag of
    mat board offcuts for $8. It had all sorts of sizes and colours
    in there. You can see a picture of the selection below, as well as what $10
    bought me worth of uniform pieces. Bargain. You can cut up a cardboard
    box, a foolscap folder or even a muesli box if you want. Less flex the better,
    you want it to look well-travelled, but strong on arrival.

  • A good cutting board is nearly indispensable, but see how you go.
    My cutting board was cheaper at a framing shop when compared to Office Works.

  • Use it with a Stanley Knife or equivalent, carbide blades are good.

  • Steel ruler too. You may need to visit a hardware store.

  • Decent scissors also come in really handy. Nice small cutting point
    for fiddly bits. I like Fiskars.

  • Glue. After using both Kid’s PVA and UHU stic, I can confirm
    UHU just makes life a lot easier, though be prepared to practice getting
    edge-to-edge coverage and the corners. PVA does help to strengthen corners
    and edges or can be used afterwards for neatening up anything that did not
    quite stick.

  • Selection of pencils and textas as desired – metallic texta/pen
    is awesome. Watercolour pencils, like Derwent Inktense can be worked with a
    wet brush and purchased in a set or individually.

  • Coloured paper and pictures. Where stationary is sold and anywhere
    second-hand books you don’t mind recycling are available.

See The Postcard Project

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