26 February 2012



Learning book binding weekly.

This is a sculpturish book.

3D Shorter OED.

That is my bookshelf and ironing board.

Same book on tour of the windowsill.

I am part way through other skills, but am totally into sewing spines on anything.

The hardest thing is getting a straight edge when it is not machine cut.

This is a functional 20 page notebook with alternating green and blue paper, A5 size.

23 February 2012

Some people have a lot to answer for

The world could so have done without another breakfast news program, even if only for four days.

22 February 2012

Australian Politics aka The Idiot's Lantern

Faceless women - now that's scary...

Where do the faces go?

They get sucked into the televisions!

O media, woe media, oh.

The Idiot's Lantern

This is real time multi media time social media cutting edge political commentary live in the nation's capital. From my couch.

"Wondering whether the decision has been made by the Prime Minister to put a stake through Kevin Rudd's heart so he never rises again?" said Tony Jones on Lateline Wednesday February 22, 2012.

At least I know the script writers for Buffy the Vampire Slayer have found employment again.

15 February 2012

Another postcard

Here is my latest postcard, as in recipient to receive today. Otherwise, it was the first one I made. Total blast. Ages to get the lettering looking passable.

First time I used metallic pens (uniball signo) which I wouldn't be without now.

Most people laugh when they see it.

If you don't laugh, I'll know.

Of course, a scan does not capture this card so well, it needs natural light and movement to shine.

So it appears my internet is back to normal and I will catch up on a bunch of posts I have been planning.

10 February 2012


Coming at you with the blogger iPhone app. The Internet is now so slow on my laptop, I think it is 1996.

The app is pretty simple.

Without the net, I typed offline and then did some writing on card.

Thinking lustful thoughts about other coloured posca pens on the blue board.

Bare your feet

This was my hypotheses. Using the scientific theory it was proven correct.

08 February 2012


Insiders got back to me to let me know that Johnny Mercer provided the incidental music to the episode in question.

I love the introduction. That be style.

Turns out this is the original. I always associated this song with Bing Crosby and The Andrew Sisters, because I heard it on The Singing Detective first.

07 February 2012


Climate change sceptics, here is evidence of global warming.

From my garden

As far as proof goes, this is irrefutable. The dinosaurs are making a comeback.

Why has McDonalds already trademarked the name "Mammoth Burger"?

Because I speak the truth.

That's why.

If the music be the food of love,

eat somewhere else

It is excellent that Satis Cafe of Watson serves breakfast all day on Sunday, because it may take that long to get your order. The food itself is quite wholesome, although moulding up lightly warmed home fries does not qualify as a hash brown in my opinion, even if it is healthier.

Coffee was passable at best. Also, I was overcharged by more than $5 on leaving, which I returned to rectify. From reviews throughout the web, it seems they have maintained an outstanding record of poor service ever since opening. As someone who has made weekend breakfasts in a busy, busy cafe, I know it can be a real struggle -especially in a small space- but they should have worked it out by now.


play on

Last weekend, an amazing flautist moved into a neigbouring building, or at the least, we all could hear their playing for the first time. They practised for hours on Saturday and Sunday. This inspired me to have a play too. I am irregular with my flute playing, although musically, I have been singing a lot lately. It was really joyful for me to try and join their line.

Complimentarily, one of my neighbours saw me gardening on my balcony while the mystery player was filling the air with sounds sweet and said to me, “I thought that was you.”

“No”, I replied. “It must be a dryad.”

I agreed with another neighbour that they are a way better player than me. Luckily, I have still another neighbour that plays piano and I can often hear that too. I get mesmerised by other people’s playing, it is especially nice when the sounds drift through the night.

In case it seems to you that I am surrounded by neighbours, well, I won't deny it.


Today, at lunchtime, I saw two butterflies making love.

They flew just in front of my head as they started their coupling - I am sure I saw micro-droplets of some liquid in the air accompanying their flightpath - and then continued or rested still attached together on a tree branch for a couple of minutes. They were still there when I left.

It was too hard to take a good photo with my phone from the ground. I contemplated climbing the trunk to get closer, confident my business clothes were up to the task, but ended none too confident they would be good for much else after on consideration. Also, it would have been bound to shake the branch and it could just be considered rude.

So this is what happens when you write poems about butterflies.

06 February 2012


Splash is an awesome film I like starring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah.

Therefore, I am fairly certain that Christina Saenz de Santamaria is actually a mermaid.

05 February 2012


Botox rumours.

"Journalists doing their best to frame the unfolding political crisis."

Actually, doing their best to create one I think.

Nice wrap from Bob Catter to finish. Crazy ravin' 'bout flying machines that watch you all the time with lots of jazz hands. Sure knows how to work a crowd of right-to-shooters.

Who was singing Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive in your episode of 5 February 2012?

Please tell.

Remember this?

1 December 2011

5 February 2012

And Eccentrica Gallumbits

1 December 2011

5 February 2012

How many lizards can you see?

I will miss the summer sun.

When I was a butterfly,
I flew on wings
As soft as breath,
Whispering, "I love you."
Gripping with my fingertips
Purple lobed Wisteria,
Playing chasy with bees
In the shadow of the trees.

Moonbase 2020

This is a picture of a flying vessel.

Spheriod, it has the volume of a modern oil-tanker and a hose which it uses to suck oil straight from the cap of the well.

Rockets power it and also eight legs on opposite sides to assist with landings etc.

Flown and controlled by robot bugs.

The sketch is not quite finished, but it is fully operational.

This is for a competition.

My experience is more in the design rather than the construction phase.

You can see quite a bit of green because it runs on bio-fuels.

Very environmentally friendly.

02 February 2012

A choose your own adventure

How to make postcards

What you need

  • My plan to buy a large piece of good stiff brown cardboard from Eckersley’s
    fell through when I happened into a framing shop and found a big bag of
    mat board offcuts for $8. It had all sorts of sizes and colours
    in there. You can see a picture of the selection below, as well as what $10
    bought me worth of uniform pieces. Bargain. You can cut up a cardboard
    box, a foolscap folder or even a muesli box if you want. Less flex the better,
    you want it to look well-travelled, but strong on arrival.

  • A good cutting board is nearly indispensable, but see how you go.
    My cutting board was cheaper at a framing shop when compared to Office Works.

  • Use it with a Stanley Knife or equivalent, carbide blades are good.

  • Steel ruler too. You may need to visit a hardware store.

  • Decent scissors also come in really handy. Nice small cutting point
    for fiddly bits. I like Fiskars.

  • Glue. After using both Kid’s PVA and UHU stic, I can confirm
    UHU just makes life a lot easier, though be prepared to practice getting
    edge-to-edge coverage and the corners. PVA does help to strengthen corners
    and edges or can be used afterwards for neatening up anything that did not
    quite stick.

  • Selection of pencils and textas as desired – metallic texta/pen
    is awesome. Watercolour pencils, like Derwent Inktense can be worked with a
    wet brush and purchased in a set or individually.

  • Coloured paper and pictures. Where stationary is sold and anywhere
    second-hand books you don’t mind recycling are available.

See The Postcard Project