19 January 2012

The Public Service Part

In the maelstrom, the firestorm that has been evoked over the Capital by Public Service Circular 2012/1, ahem, yes, indeed; this is my Official Statement, before the Fire Department comes and burns all my books.

"Rumour?" writes dear reader, the author, "I read in a blog comment at Grog's Gamut, that an ex-employee found copies of his letters to the editors of various newspapers on government policy faithfully attached to his personnel file under an FOI request or some such years later."

Parteth the Onne

If you therefore are a Public Servant reading this in your performance of an official capacity of enquiry deemed to be in the public interest, not excluding because you are what could be broadly understood by the people of Australia to be a "secret agent", take further note next.

Please faithfully reproduce all written matter herein (in being this blog) faithfully on 150 gsm white A3 paper, with a 7cm bleed all the way round; photos on archival paper, A4, matte, unless their native resolution does not allow it.

For this I thank you.



Like it says in the Introduction on my Profile.

Parther the Two

If you are still a public servant reading this in a capcity that the public would deem to be in their interest, because you are at work, then you are a genius for having found this, like all public servants are geniuses.

You should probably keep reading this to reward your geniushood!

Just don't let them see you, because unless you are busy making my book, reading this can only be considered worky if you need creative inspiration, want to understand the meaning of the universe and everything.

Partest the Three

In which I save all my best jokes for later.

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