29 January 2012

The Postcard Project

Good evening.

Still: Yellowstone documentary

This is a moose having a drink.

Still: Yellowstone documentary

If I had a pet moose, I would call him Zeus.

Postcards I have made and sent lately.

Involving a frog.

There was much jumping required to travel from Canberra to Albany.


Five business days to anywhere in Australia.


This postcard on the other hand went to my neighbours.

They live ten metres from me. The postbox is 100 metres away and it went who knows how many kilometres to be sorted and delivered the next working day.

The answer to the question is joy.

The hippopotamus drawn by Tibor Gergely in Animal Orchestra (Copyright Little Golden Book) was just very inspiring to begin with. I had no idea what to do next. The musical sentiment of the conductor reminded me of the finale in Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. My neighbours are English and German. It became an opportunity to write out this power-filled poem in the original language with translation.

Luckily I had told one of the neighbours I was sending a postcard. It was surprising, but obviously not inconceivable.

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