23 January 2012


A few weeks ago, I was talked out of leaving this note next to the barbecue in my shared yard. I felt guilty too, because perhaps it was rude, especially depending on your sense of humour and/or English comprehension skills. It is really punny and if I hadn't written it, I never would have composed a proclamation for the flies either.

Yes. Someone did probably forgot a carrot while they were peeling it. So I claimed back the note, put the naked carrot and peel in the compost and left behind the peeler. Then, in the mood for cleaning, I swept up piles of dead flies that had expired at the entrance door of the complex over Christmas, encanting,

"Know this then is a passage of doom,
Fly not this way,
Or seal your fate at death's gate."

Of course the next day the maintenance man came to clean everything.


Wojtek said...

Quite a funny punny bunny note.

Also, you could be an undertaker, or better still, get a job as ferryman to the land of Hades...

Alf said...

Lord of the flies.