01 January 2012


in Canberra and back to work this week after over six month off.

I am pretty worried about how I will cope with wearing shoes again, but am feeling positive about returning to a routine and being paid normally. I really would not have coped without the support of famiy and friends over the last six months.

My garden managed nine days of my absence well. Sure it appreciated a good drink yesterday, but I could see some species were doing better for a lack of water. The sun nearly slayed my rosemary, the only not succulent/cactus present, but it revived overnight. The weather was pretty mild over the Christmas period I think, but looks to be getting proper summer hot in January.

It seems obvious to me now that many of my specimens will not get any bigger due to the size of their pots. So I am heading out into the shared courtyard garden where space and my time allows. Pretty much all I have can go in the ground, which when I have a proper garden it mostly will. Also evident that I have overplanted some pots, so repotting into bigger pots and spreading things out will keep me busy for a while.

You probably remember the butterfly pot below. To me, it is mostly useless as a pot and looks much better on its end, so it is simply for display now. The other pot is quite new, finished just before Christmas. I still feel ambivalent about it. Literally it hurt my head to look at sometimes and the design is incoherent I feel. Still, it was a chance to try some new techniques and I incorporated a broken plate in the rough shape of a bird. The vision got a bit lost due to continual inspirations, no drawing of a design and making it over a few sessions.

It is very bright though and today after sealing the grout, I planted the cotyledon into it. The roots of this plant had spread to fill the original pot, even though it wasn't pot-bound. I have watched it getting juicy for a while. The plant I cut it off a few months ago in Ainslie must have been at least a metre by a metre. All the original leaves of the cutting are still going strong. Here is hoping it gets to show off more now and with size manages the look of the pot a bit better.

When I am planting, pruning, playing I often chuck leaves etc off my little balcony. It was amazing to see a tiny succulent had landed in a cobweb and started to form roots there. I have been potting scavenged sempervivums and echeveria above the soil and they love it because they can grow aerial roots easily. In fact, it is probably better not to plant them until they have formed these roots, but I can be impatient.

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