21 December 2011

Garden - end Phase One

A bee is lazing around my living room as I finish this piece.

The butterfly below stopped by this afternoon.

Other photos from yesterday.

I have finished working on my garden for the year!

And plan to stick just to watering for a while.

Was going to print myself a Most Improved Balcony Certificate.

I am fairly confident this piece of cactus amonst the sempervivums will grow. So prefectly and evenly dried a specimen, crinkled and wizened. It might be a type of opuntia. Who knows? But for this survivor of the plant kingdom, the drought is over.

Scavenged cactus

Euphorbia from Hall Christmas Market $3

Let it grow.

Let it grow.

O butterfly,
Won't you visit the flower of my heart today?
Alight upon these petal lips friend,
Spilling wishes from the cup of spring.

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