13 December 2011

Flying High

Screenshot: The Age

'...alleged to have made some 10,000 euros ($A13,000) from selling on his ill-gotten gains from Air France alone over the last three years.' (Story)
Hang on.

It costs a lost to fly first class.

Is there really a large market of stupid people willing to buy Air France napkins, glasses, plates and blankets?
"Mon Dieu! I only need one first class soup bowl to complete my dinner setting!"
Marguerite La Fontaine, Paris socialite
After three years, this thief has to be way behind.

Worst. Criminal. Ever.

AFP, the source of this story, stands for Agency France-Presse.

Is this just guerilla advertising for airlines under the guise of journalism?

Someone has to ask the hard hitting questions.

CIA Drone Wars rhymes with Star Wars Clone Wars.


I think not.

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