06 December 2011

An exercise in design

When I mentioned working on a design last week, it was for a coffee cup. This is the sample I made on Thursday using pen, paper, pcanner, photoshop and printer. I don't know that the local business is going to end up going with it. I see it is kind of a radical departure from their current design and they did not actually ask for a logo, but offered me a chance to share some of my own art.

The thing is, I don't actually have any particular work or style other than a dedication to eclecticism. I just relied on the power of my imagination and given they love bikes and roast their own beans, a dragon on a penny farthing seemed apropos.

Not for the first time, I thought that if my illustration skills were up to my imagination, then I would be able to make a children's book. This cup was great fun to make and took three hours in total. The exercise showed me that if I want to make a book then the only limitations would be self imposed, because there are no rules. The spirit of effort that imbues a work is what makes it appealing.

I emailed the design off with the following note:

"It is true that a dragon lives in the wood-oven right? He heats it up every day to do the cooking. This dragon is actually a retired wizard. Being a wizard is what allows the dragon to shrink himself to fit in the oven. He comes out to roast the coffee beans, but makes himself bigger again before starting this chore. Of course, most dragons end up becoming wizards due to their extreme age. Obviously, for a magic dragon to make a penny farthing if he feels like exercising is the easiest thing in the world. This dragon, due to having a mother who was a Sicilian, has a voracious appetite for cannoli."

1 comment:

Wojy bear said...

Cool man, i dig it. The dragon is a symbol of kundalini and the bike a symbol of movement, which I feel is an appropriate icon for a cafe indeed.

What an amazing coffee house, roasting it's own beans, and with a resident dragon/wizard! I'm gonna tell everyone about it..