27 November 2011


Ladybug feeding time. (Not all ladies! Females are usually larger than the males, but if you do not find a pair midst coitus, you will need a microscope and the relevant owners manual to tell the sexes apart.)

They go to sleep at night and then they wake up in the light.

Louis Armstrong is my elephant's name. He plays trumpet, horn and cornet.

plate and sea shells at table with scarf $48.95 (scarf, plate, table not included, includes gift wrap and postage, excludes chair and any other fixtures, this is for the shells only people)

Naples, view of

Large increase in insect activity following the cessation of rains.
Butterfly, moth, fly, wasp, beetle and spider.
More webs than I have noticed in a while.
A full canopy of green beckons to my balcony.

How did I convince myself at the shop earlier today that I would not wish to eat chocolate later on?

Wish list item number one - pet turtle

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