17 November 2011

My novel, cactus and Venice

Inventing conspiracy theories is fun, only sometimes, sometimes... they turn out to be true! One boy's extraordinary adventure to save the world with the Lochness Monster, a Polaris Missle and four brave dolphins.

I might rework the second sentence a bit before coming back to this novel.

Unable to identify this cactus photogrpahed in Sorrento below, but it was at least 12 foot tall. My best guess is Lophocereus which is prone to mutations. I am going to try and grow a decorative prickly-pear. Who knew growing an invasive weed would be so confusing from reading the internet? All I need is well-drained soil and sunshine.

Prickly Pear can be grown into a fence, which might make an interesting feature wall in a dry climate. Against a turqouise, sky-blue, cerulean what are you? coloured wall. The problem with having a good cactus garden is the Mexican desert ain't safe for homesteading no more since the narcos took over.

The thing about Venice was that I remembered it from Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, so I was a little dissapointed with the experience. No-one chased me in a speed boat while I was hunting artefacts. There were certainly a lot more people about than in the fantastic film below. Italy should totally hire movie stars to live in and wander through their famous cities. I am sure they used to do that. Not enough Senators are buying festivals for the people anymore it seems.

Berlusconi is to blame for the massive banner ads for cars around St Mark's Square as they undertake restoration work underneath. In a country full of tourists, for shame. I met someone who paid big money to look after pandas for a week in China and they only got to touch one once! Mario Monti now needs a Tourism Minister who charges foreigners to come and undertake restoration work on their holdiays, for a specified period, otherwise they are not allowed entry into Italy.

Murano, most likely if memory serves, where I bought my glass animals
These are mosaics with marble work on the floor of the church in Venice where I wasn't supposed to take pictures.

This is Venice bits and pieces, which it is falling to, you can see.

From Russia With Love. Padlocks are the new graffiti.

Way of the dead - limited lunch options.


Wojtek said...

“The thing about Venice was that I remembered it from Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, so I was a little dissapointed with the experience.”
- ah the adventuring spirit in you was kindled, but there were no winds of drama to fan the flames.

“Not enough Senators are buying festivals for the people anymore it seems”
- they should host a CLIPSAL 500 – AQUATIC FIESTA, with speed boats fangin’ thru the canals.

- photo of the old wooden doorway – wow. I wonder what events have occurred in Venice since they were put up?

- photos of the church floor :
- the first one looks like its been done in texta, but I'm guesssing it's not
- the griffins are fantastic, I can’t believe how skilled the masons and artists must have been.

The rest of the shots are lovely portraits of Venice. Honestly, you have a gift. Have you thought of making cards? You could start a business composing thought provoking verse to put inside them too, thoughts of the day, that kind of thing. I’m jokingly serious.

Alf said...

You are the commentiest commenter I have my friend, so I am making you a chocolate mosaic.

There was certainly a dearth of Dr Elsa Schneider's alas.

The speed limit in the canals is really really low because they don't know what is holding the city up. It would be amazing if they had one and the entire city collapsed at the end. Plus there were not enough bogans.

There was supposedly a merchant with eyes, hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections and passions who fed his ancient grudge to grow a famous tale of revenge.

That is texta on a wall down an alleyway as the main island has little signs here and there to the square, making it hard to get lost.

Thanks on the pictures.

Wojtek said...

Dr Schneider, alas, chose perdition over redemption. Nonetheless, she was a hottie.

I'm glad you avoided any unsavoury mercantile types on your trip to the city of light.

It is worth remembering that, as Mikhail points out: without the Venetians it would have been curtains for all of us.

Alf said...

That is so bad! But true.