14 November 2011

Making Monday

The Hairpin has a great article on What Dogs Want. Favourites below:

Image Copywright : Lisa Hanawalt

Just spent $100 at Bunnings, which is always fun, especially with a birthday voucher worth $100. Mosaic supplies in the main.

Tomorrow a Real Estatey person is coming to check out how much I can rent my flat for. If the plan comes together, then time for a house of some sort early next year. I need a garden and a shed to mess about in. This place is just too small and lacking in such opportunities. One day, maybe a ruralish property where I can build stone walls and gigantical mosaics that come to life when no-one is watching and have adventures.

At this point I can't make any mosaic of a decent size because I am concerned wood is going to flex and as mentioned concrete board is just too big to transport. I did get a nice terracotta pot 20cm square and 30cm high for my next project.

Image Copywright : Lisa Hanawalt

I saw Midnight in Paris. It was good, because who doesn't like time travel? Quite a sweet paean to the charms of Paris, where I have never been. The actors playing Dali, Hemingway, Picasso et al have a lot of fun. Hemingway certainly comes across as quite a tool. Owen Wilson and his misshapen nose is likeable, especially compared to his deliberately annoying contemporary companions. A bit of Cole Porter music makes it all the better too. Check out Red, Hot and Blue if you are unfamiliar with his songs.

While lazing, have been re-reading my favourite Terry Pratchett books. His latest book, Snuff, has received quite a variable reaction from his devoted readership. In consideration, he does have Alzheimer's, so I will give it a go, but borrow it from a library.

Need more ridiculous stock photography?

Remember to stay hydrated as the temperature heats up.

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