18 November 2011

Mainly plants

There are a number of Australian websites on succulents:

The Succulent Garden - best for identifying plants, comprehensive range for sale

Succulent Delights
- where I bought a mixed box, review to follow

The Plant episode of BBC's Life is on iview now

Intermittent rain all week in Canberra, but I enjoyed singing with the rain on Sunday. Songs from the poem Savitri set to music.

The Radar Map makes entertaining viewing for the stimulus starved and contains quite an astounding array of scientifical information.

All about fracking. Hmm.

I planted a Haworthia or called Zebra Plant due to its markings.

I watched all of The Hamster Wheel on iview, in reverse order, in a day. It is so clever, the fake tweets were the best bit. It tickles the funny bone in a peculiar way, a bit like MediaWatch on testosterone. The inquiry into Australian media should watch highlights, not that they will be able to legislate intelligence into we, the masses.

The small succulent in the thumb vase has been that size for nearly four months, it is possibly a miniature.

My cactus is flowering, it really appreciated coming off the window sill overnight.

My cypress seedlings look very happy, here is one:

Some kind of cupressae

Still shot National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Random succulents from the neighbourhood in a pot I painted (pond sealant plus acryclic paint).

Still shot National Lampoon's European Vacation


Woj said...

Wow - you and Chevy dress alike, do you have a tweed jacket like that? If not, it could work.
Your cypress looks decidedly happy to be alive. Your unit is a vertiable botanical bonanza, it seems.
I like the aqua colour on that one you used pond sealant for.

Have you seen Rango yet? Watched it recently, pretty darn cool.

Alf said...

I do have a tweed jacket my tailor whipped up for me. Checking out Rango.