03 November 2011

Insects (oh my, butterfly)

The Insect episode of David Attenborough's Life will be available on iview for another ten days. The photography is absolutely incredible. I have watched it twice already. The segment on the damselfly is particularly amazing, as is the footage of millions of Monarch Butterflies, but it is all beyond fantastic.

Regarding butterflies, I took inspiration from this book that I picked up at the Lifeline Canberra Bookfair for two dollars. If you like books, then this event is almost too much to handle. Bring water, food and something with wheels to carry your booty, although not a ride-on mower, unless you are particularly committed to bargain hunting.

The story of life as it has never been seen before!

My terracotta tub is quite small, but the theme is butterflies. I did both sides so my neighbours get a view of one side from the balcony, but I can rotate it as desired.


Butterflies smell with their antennae. Below are magnified antennae - moth on the left and butterfly on the right. Butterflies always have club-shaped antennae.

Antennae - moth on the left, butterfly on the right

Some male butterflies can pick up the scent of a female butterfly from 100 metres away, but moths have an even keener sense of smell.

Note club-shaped antenna

I will not have a chance to grout this until next week, but will show you when it is finished.

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