10 November 2011

Grouting my latest piece took half an hour last night, but I have left it to cure now. It is in my bathroom to stop it drying out too quickly. After 48 hours, I can paint some grout sealant on it, which I still have to buy. This is definitely necessary if it is going to sit outside, seeing it is white. Then it will take still longer to dry. Still not convinced that white is the best colour to use for grouting.

This means it may be another week before planting anything in it. I have four or five different succulents ready to plant. Some have been sitting around for weeks, but they should be fine. I love collecting succulents wherever I go and have many from South Australia, as well as Canberra.

I imagine it will look a lot better with some plants actually in it. While I have time, I am going to try mixing some colour in my sealant before painting a few small terracotta pots. Bright colours. It should have an interesting effect. As long as it doesn't just flake straight off, a weathered look should work.

Still do not feel overly confident about making a design and sticking to it. In fact, I don't know if it will be possible, but I take comfort and inspiration from the following.

Natural stones also offer amazing possibilities. Building up a bit of collection of stones now.

What odd weather we are having at present.

I noticed recently that birds say new things every day, but they do talk about the weather a lot.

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