30 November 2011


My succulent collection arrived yesterday. Don't get me started on Australia Post who don't ring my door and just leave a card in the letter box. Anyway, it was $30 including postage for 35 cuttings, but I got over 40 because there was a three delay to my order. Succulent Delights.

They came packed in shredded newspaper. When I was unpacking it all on the lawn, a neighbour's kid came over to have a look, then wandered away saying, "See you, holiday-man."

It is quite an impressive collection, even if I have maybe five or six of the varities already. It will be fun planting today, but daunting as I want to improve my groupings and don't know their final sizes. Perhaps a book or the internet will help. Or I will use the force. Colour, shape and size are all variables.

This collection is probably going to max out my balcony space, but I am working on hanging pots from the rail. Alas, still have not found any old teapots suitable for turning into pots. A row of them would look cool hanging. Preferably metal, maybe ceramic. Either way need a drill too.

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