17 November 2011

Gardening and home maintenance

Listening to Jean Michael Jarre, I keep waiting for the song to become normal, but it never happens.

External window cleaning nearly complete, ladder required from shed and I can tie the wisteria in the yard down at the same time. I wore a hat because safety first.

Totally rearranged the balcony yesterday to welcome my new mosaic pot, including making a temporary seafood restaurant wall decoration with pebbles. Just discarded idea of leaving pot on outside window-sill round the corner as a cactus garden. Realise my weather widget is set to Adelaide and it will not be 34 degrees and sunny, it looks like it may rain a little for a few weeks here. Explains confusion in regards to the weather of late. The pot will not fit on the inside ledge of my room either. It is still going to be a cactus garden though. Time to get four cacti with identical water and sun requirements. Plus the right soil.

Put safety chocks under the pot so no cats could knock it over. I have seen one around here you know.

Some of the pine cones I have met

The arrangement of stones is influenced by Finding Nemo. People can pay me $100 to come and see this art while it lasts. They can have as much tea as they like while they are here.

My geranium about to flower, strawberry planter needs something up top

I also repotted two cypress seedlings and potted two new succulents for my collection. Well, you want the place to look good for visitors, even if they don't turn up. Speaking of, in a piece of tactical brilliance, highlighting strategic foresight par excellence, Australia has delivered Darwin as an American base. Why is this such a boss move by Australia?

Obama wants Darwin for one reason. It is number 10 on Lonely Planets Top 10 cities for 2012. Since the CIA got overtaken by the Facebook Generation and changed their motto to: "All hot, all the time," the Lonely Planet Top 10 cities list actually provides the template for American Foreign Policy/plans for world domination.

Think NASA is finished? Yes. Finished building the United States Space Ship Reagan that is. Named so, as it was afterall America's greatest actor/President (not the other way around) who ordered a Death Star be built at the height of the Cold War. The USSS Reagan will have its maiden flight in 2012. From Orlando! Number nine on our Lonely Planet list! They are working backwards okay...but I digress.

Who is responsible for the Lonely Planet sphere of influence (spycraft lingo)? Two Australian hippies. That's right, it's all part of a bigger plan. A plan that involves scientists at the CSIRO, the secret love child of Gough Whitlam and Germaine Greer, radical experimental reverse fractalisation techniques and the latent psychic energy contained within the infamous painting Blue Poles. All being in the same room together at the same time. I am not at liberty to explain further, but quite clearly, as I have oulined here, the Australian Government is right on top of this one.

I can feel my own plan coming together. One that involves concrete and rocks.

Something like this. (Esplenade, Sellicks Beach, South Australia)


Wojtek said...

I like the sea creature sculpture.

The plot sure sounds funny..

Alf said...

He swam away.

That's not a plot, it's a true story.

My novel has a funny plot. What makes my novel funny is the talking otter who is a stand-up comedian. I forgot to mention him. The dolphins can also communicate, but only by singing as a Barbershop Quartet. It's kind of annoying.