08 October 2011

Zolli - a culinary introduction

When I have time, I will do a long post on the village of Zolli where I spent the last five days or so, but just a few pictures and stories in the mean time.

These are the mushrooms we ate for lunch one day, fried in olive oil with a bit of garlic. I found them down the hill on the way to the river. Dad's Zia (Aunt) was quite offended when I asked to actually cook them myself. Sitting at the table to eat sees the men sitting at one end and women and children at the other. The men are served first and start eating before the women even sit down. Old school. When I helped to clear a few plates one night, everyone was surprised and amused. Zia could only tell me they were funghi normale, i.e. normal mushrooms; they tasted great with pasta.

This is the bowl of spaghetti with fresh porcini, again foraged locally, we had for dinner one evening.

And not to reinforce stereotypes about Italians and pasta (much), but this was the amount of pasta on hand in my third of fourth Aunt's kitchen cupboard.

Buon appetito!

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