09 October 2011

Roma II

I am on a Trafalgar Tour now. To see the highlights of Italy in a limited time it is a good idea. While not a fan of The Vatican and its ways, their museum is full of awesome works of art. With a tour group, you bypass all the queues which can be ridiculous - 20,000 people a day go through there.

Artemis in the Vatican Museum

Detail from painting in the map room of the Vatican Museum

Detail, map room, Vatican Museum

The Colosseum

The Arch of Constantine

Doing my best to fare una bella figura

The Sistine Chapel was the one place in the Vatican where I felt the art was definitely imbued with divinity. After all, the genius of Michelangelo spent 11 years painting the thing. But it is quite gloomy, the security are constantly shouting not to take photos and to keep quiet, plus it is always packed full of people. St Peter's Basilica is so massive that monument exhaustion quickly sets in. My favourite part was the map room.

With any interest in Roman history and enough time and money it would be easy to explore this city for weeks.

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