02 October 2011


Word on the street

Local speciality

Advanced Italian language technique

View from my hotel - local bylaws require that balconies display either melons or washing

After Italy became a Republic in 1946, the royal family was banished, here the Queen is seen returning to reconcile with the President of the Republic

The President of the Republic leaving La Palazzo Royale (no joke)

The preferred method of transport

Mural in La Galleria

Neapolitans displaying their famous civic pride (and love of Rome)

The Ministry of Health's sunsmart campaign was well received by the locals

The Italian synchronised swimming team take a well-earned break from training for London 2012

The Spanish Quarter

Babbo, bambino e bicicletta

La Galleria

Interiore Galleria

"Chicks dig this hat right? They told me chicks would dig this hat."

Fiori di zuchhini

Performing for the camera

Local rat patrol

Legendary efficiency of the Italian beuracracy - this was the shortest queue seen since World War II

Once plentiful in The Bay of Naples, due to the obsession with frutti di mare, mermaids are now extinct


Hamming it up - Napoli beat Inter 3-0 tonight

Born to be wild


Woj said...

Pictures worth thousands of words. Love the guy on the back of the scooter with his parcel. Love the performing vendors; those pastries looked incredible. What's with the rat patrol? Does it mean he gets more power or is just showing off his engineering expertise.

Thank you for sharing these wonderful windows into the world of Napoli.

Brother Woj

Alf said...

Hey Woj, don't know, there is a club in Canberra called rat patrol and they make and ride bikes like this.

Good to hear from you.

Alf said...


Your humour and wit is so spot on! Brought tears of laughter to my eyes. Good to see you are having a good time. Mum

Alf said...

Thanks Mum, ps you are commenting using my account. Ah, never mind.