28 October 2011


This is called Project Stereo Box. There is blue like the sky and the sea, because music embodies emotion and for freedom. And I see lots of faces.

There is much more space between the tiles, the surface is not flat, but curves at the edges.

This is grain in a storm.

There is way too much space between the tiles, although I really like the design. It could just do with more tiles, although I would still prefer to fill up the empty spaces rather than tighten up the design. Live and learn.

I decided that I was losing white tiles, so added black ink to the white grout. Grout is not very attractive and the greater the space between tiles the worse it can look. Not sure if it behaves differently on wood.

I have a rectangular terracotta tub that I sealed ready for my next attempt. Feel awkward about actually trying to draw a design on first and follow it, but favouring bees and butterflies in that regard.

Chance to collect rocks and seashells at the coast this weekend.


Wojtek said...

The grey grout suits the dun atmosphere of grain in storm mosaic. I've been wanting to use the word 'dun' in a sentence for some time now, it felt right.

I was speaking to Natesh today and explaining how you've been mosaic-ing. I wonder if going to Italy triggered a gene in you that has been dormant til now. It is quite possible your ancestors were stone masons, certainly many Italians I know have a thing for concrete.

When I was a lad I went the ruins of Rome's ancient port Ostia, where I saw the great mosaics of the various industries who did business there.

Also in their baths of course. Now there's a possibility for you, though I wonder about the courseness of grout on skin.

(as you may have surmised, I have a little free time at work at present)

Alf said...

When I look at a piece of beautiful lawn, I want to concrete the whole thing.


Wojtek said...

Funny you say that: if you come to the show tomorrow night I will sing a song called "Dig Up Yer Concrete".

Alf said...

Looking forward to it.