23 October 2011


One of the things I liked about Italy was the super-prevalence of mosiacs. I took many photos of same with the intention of copying designs, but haven't sorted many of my pictures yet.

This afternoon after a trip to Bunnings I made my first mosaic. It is an organic design, although I had a tree in mind.

To make a better one I will need a tile cutter with more accuracy. Still, happy with it as it took under three hours and the goal was finish before sunset, which I did. Though of course the grouting has to be done tomorrow.

Working on a plan to get a 4.4m piece of "Blue Board" home as they won't cut it at the hardware store. This can be used as a backing for outdoor pieces. The pictured piece is on a bessa brick paver. It is very heavy for the size and I won't be driving iron pitons into any walls soon. Blue board will let make large pieces that can be attached to brick.

Mosaics offer a lot of artistic decoration potential. Bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor areas, but that will probably have to wait.

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