01 October 2011


I apologise to my regular readers, (all 2.8 of them), for the paucity of posts of late. After five days in London, I am in Naples where the hotel has provided free Internet. Here are a few shots from my trip so far.

Peripatetic Peruvian Bears sighted = nil

Outside The National Gallery

A quick guide to British Birds

Cancellation of The Bill, in tandem with cuts to public services, has seen the numbers of uniformed officers/out of work actors on the streets of London skyrocket. Their powers are limited to providing tourists with directions.

It's a squirrel in Hyde Park

The English indulging in one of their traditional pastimes, toad in the hole, in Hyde Park.

A flower, Kensington Garden

The same type of flower with a bee, Kensington Garden

Orb Weaver on holly in Kensington Garden, Hyde Park

The chestnuts are ripening in Hyde Park, BYO brazier

Life is tough for Smurfs on The Thames

Man on horse with sword

"I can nearly see Albert Hall from here."

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Anonymous said...

Loved the photo of the girl in front of the National gallery.
Please bring back one of those fancy no bears allowed signs as we have tried everything for our koala problem.