06 October 2011

Italian culture 2011

Io non credo - tastes okay though

I am proud not to own a television, but this comic from xkcd perfectly sums up the quality of entertainment here. The Amanda Knox acquittal (vergogna!) was shown live and every time I have seen the box in the past few days, a panel is discussing the verdict in a studio before switching to the street. This literally goes on for hours.

Also saw a bit of a candid camera style show which included:
  • a woman with a samurai sword walking around the audience to select participants; and 
  • a man with a shaved head, wearing leather pants and trench coat, shooting an apple from a model's hands with a bow that had a laser sight. 


Wojtek said...

Hmm, the chips pizza is an example of popular demand to excess, I must say.

Alf said...