07 September 2011

Itsy Bitsy Spider part 2

By popular demand from my viewers who eagerly clamour for more.

(I hear you knocking on my door.)

Here are two shots of another spider in Waite Arboretum.

While it was suggested by Wojtek that my other eight-legged friend was performing the Salute to the Sun, this fellow appears to be weaving his web directly from the light of the dawn.

I am pretty sure it is an Orb Weaver, maybe the golden silk variety, but this could just be the gold of the new day's sun.

I am really happy when I make the chance to wander amongst nature and explore as the day begins. I recall singing that morning:

Itsy bitsy spider
Walked up the garden path,
Itsy bitsy spider
Had a friend called Alf,
Itsy bitsy spider
Had a little bath.

It's what real men do.

1 comment:

Wojtek said...

Spindly Spider

A spider's spindle weaves threads
That glow in the golden dawn.
The sight kindles my heart
With the spark of love
For this creature’s artful cause.

O how I too must work and weave
By the light of the sun, moon, and stars,
To build a web that stretches
Throughout my life
From my own heart-spindle.

Though inclement forces
May buffet and baffle me
Let me patiently wait the time –
And continue my sojourn ‘long
The threads of life –
To catch some morsels divine!