13 September 2011

Geastrum triplex

Also called earthstar, collared earthstar, the saucered earthstar, or the triple earthstar.

Some use in traditional Chinese medicine, plus Native American Indian legend and medicine.

This fungus is found in hardwood forests where undisturbed acretions of detritus and leaf litter has had the chance to form a dense layer and make humus.

Widely distributed planetarily.

Still, I spend a fair bit of time under pine trees and I have never seen it before. Lack of low branches in urban areas increases the likelihood of the ground being disturbed and may even provide too much light. I would not be surprised if Kikuyu grass (Pennisetum clandestinum) was inimical to its continuity.

There was around seven or eight in a square metre at my site in Haig Park. About three metres from this flower.

I put these ones back where I found them, but was quite excited to find them. The spore sacs look a bit puckered where I touched them.

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Wotek said...

Indeed thou art a word-artist: : inimical, puckered, are not used enough in life. Your wand'rings in wond'rings in nature sure make you sound like a fun guy!