12 September 2011

Cracticus tibicen and other birdies

Lake Burley Griffin, Winter 2011
the young have grey chest plumage which will turn black with age
brown-eyed bird


Misunderstood birds at the ABC

Watch testing of the efficacy of helmet adornments in repelling magpies


Today I saw many birds do things for the first time in my yard:
  • Crimson Rosella drinking from the bird bath
  • A pair of Superb Fairy Wren (probably) in the bush next to my window
  • Unknown parrot in the bush over the other side of the stairs
  • Pied Currawong, with a yellow eye, walk along the rail of my balcony, check out the piece of pine I am wittling, eyeball my washing inquisitively and crap accurately on a succulent before flying away.
Three days ago, I saw a Willy Wagtail on the balcony also, so it is certainly spring, when all the birds like to sing.

I have to get better at identifying birds before I could take part in the survey which the reference Birds of Canberra Gardens is based on. The Braddon quadrant is sadly lacking in survey sites, including all of Haig Park. I wonder what the rules are to consitute a sighting.

I love that the scientific name of the Australian Pelican is Pelicanus conspicillatus. Despite my lack of bird-identification skills, I can confirm zero sightings of those in my courtyard.

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