11 September 2011

Corin Forest

I am so tired, I just completed an emergency afternoon nap following authorisation from head office.

I spent a day - it seems like longer in a good way - doing volunteer work at Corin Forest in preparation for Corinbank 2012.

Puruits included:
  • bonfire management
  • routine maintennce of a 25HP mill
  • gravel spreading
  • advanced strategic rock placement on muddy ground
  • tree saving
  • bush road formation
  • flute playing
  • pasta gobblance
  • testing the marshmallow tolerance of denim
  • considering the possible advantage of leather fronted denim
  • fireword chopping (rudimentary progress towards merit badge)
  • frog listening
  • waking up to wonder who was shining a light in my face at 3am, the moon through the window, a bigger, brighter face you'll never see
  • lichen loving
  • crumpeteering
  • photographating
  • fire tending
  • vacuuming - alas and praise Jesus, more than I do at home
  • marvelling at the relationship between my beloved pines, the mill and endless construction potential
  • foundation laying with concrete, timber and plum-bob square pants
  • water carrying

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