19 September 2011

At the movies

Last century, back in the Eighties, computers were going to make everything possible as they daily performed miraculous wondrous feats. Life was all set to become a dream come true. Hence, the first known appearance of the film Weird Science in 1985.

War Games in 1983 had previously taught us the computer was our friend, a benign and wise guardian. Then, following the dizzying artistic heights revealed during 1984 in Revenge of the Nerds, in an evolutionary leap that still baffles scientists, studio executives manifested an unparalleled vision of motion picture genius.

They produced the following equation:

increasing availability of home computers
missile technology
Kelly LeBrock

Never again would our lives be the same.

Towards the end of the film, in a stunning plot device, mutants appear during Gary and Wyatt's party, enabling the boys to discover their true manhood:

Micheal Berryman (did not play Sloth in The Goonies also released in 1985)

Vernon Wells, inexplicably still in make up from Mad Max 2 (1981)

This film also contains Robert Downey Jr before his teeth were fixed and Bill Paxton's inimitable Chet.

This is truly a film for our age and every age still to come.


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