08 August 2011

kha & The Upanishads

One of the Arabic sounds. As well as being written from right to left, the letters of the Arabic alphabet are different depending on where they appear in the word, which I have tried to represent by showing dawn, midday and the evening as well as the meditator who sits alone. An Angel has spread its wings over earth under the full moon. Star Wars appears because we all have our myths.

There is a homeless man in Canberra who sells wooden-spoon-wands decorated with fluorescent texta. He complains that the Jedi differentiated between the dark side and the Light. Prior to this the universe was in accord. Well, you could say there is a little Light, more Light, Infinite Light.

The Upanishads

There the sun shines not,
nor the moon and the stars,
nor the lightning,
let alone this earthly fire.
Only when illumining Light shines,
everything else shines;
the self-revealing Light illumines the entire universe.

Translation by Sri Chinmoy
The Upanishads: The Crown Of India's Soul
Agni Press, 1974
Arabic picture drawn with a quick binding of pine needles from a tree at Yarralumla. At maturity, the pine has twin needles growing from a 1 cm fascicle, needles average 8"-10"/20-25cm. The fascicle has an equivalent articulation to the human shoulder joint, not allowing for any shoulder movement above head height.

Further reading on The Upanishads.

These most bold chants of the supreme-poet-warriors of the Himilaya resonate still with their deep inner discoveries and hold the key to cosmic satisfaction. Within their self-discovery, the convocation of life and death is a Peace-full conversation.

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