18 August 2011

Hahndorf Part 2

Here is a restaurant review of the white house provincial kitchen and lounge located on Main Street in Hahndorf. It is a review focussing predominantly on spiders and their webs, so this is one for the true foodies.

We shared a roast field mushroom burger with sage butter. It was really good, the bun being brioche, butter being butter, only with sage, and the mushroom happening to be a fun guy. The coffee was alright, but I can not make a learned judgement, seeing it was nearly cold by the time I came inside from taking photos in the car park.

Our waitress did not complain about slow dancing sans music in the otherwise empty dining room. Arriving early meant we beat the day's traffic, but the fires were not lit. It also meant discovering the glorious decorations in the trees of their yard when we pulled into the carpark.



Wojtek said...

A diamond necklace may be compared to the delicate work of these artistic arachnids, yet which is more beautiful?

Alf said...

Spider webs are a girl's best friend.

I read a very interesting article about diamonds last week if you need some holiday reading: