11 July 2011

How to make proper toast

To make superlative toast you have to burn the edges and trim them off with a katana or any other sharp cutting instrument to hand. As long as the blade is Japanese-forged, it will suffice. You can let the edges of the toast brown only, so it is ready to eat fresh popped; it may be good, but it will not be passing excellent.


The link to Lateline above has a transcript of a great story, and a video link while it lasts, which I believe was filmed just before or after this year's earthquake in Japan.

In Book 5 of Musashi, Miyomoto meets the Soul Polisher, while below, he is plainly killing a nue . I know the image below is really big, but it looks awesome, like a tattoo. (Great story on traditional Japanese tattooing, but I draw the line at displaying the stretched skin of cadavers to appreciate the artistry that marked their bodies in life. It reminds me of a Roald Dahl story called Skin.)

Image via Wikipedia Commons.

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