29 July 2011

This article piqued my interest:

Census won't count Jedis or pastaferians

Particularly, the following:
"It was the 1901 or 1911 census that had the question, which went something like, 'How many imbeciles or idiots do you have in your house?"'


One. I live alone.

Who withdraws money from an ATM and forgets to take it? Remembers five minutes later when they go to pay for something and is surprised to have no money. And is now waiting ten working days to see if the machine ate the money back up or it was stolen.

Of course I recorded myself as a Jedi on the last census.

Only the force was not so strong in me today.

Except it is still so wonderful to be alive and I am going to see Paul Kelly perform with Paul Grabowski tonight.

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