06 July 2011

Sunrise at Guerilla Bay, NSW

How gentle breaks the day o'er the ocean way,

Sunday, 3 July 2011 7:17 AM

No 2 gentle Japanese

The Arabic Alphabet is written from right to left, otherwise it looks funny. Traditionally, Japanese writing copies the Chinese form and is written in columns, from top to bottom, arranged right to left, but I am guessing google translate provides yokogaki, the modern horizontal left to right text English readers are familiar with.

No 5,6 and 7 gentle Arabic

The best source of An Introduction to Arabic Writing shows at 2.2. the four developing layers of the Arabic script. (Image reproduced below.)

My attempt at decorative letterforms follows. The original was in black and white. With a gradient map, there is definitely room for moons, flowers and a hanging garden in Babylon. Sad how history this era literally ere just writ today in the epoch of the Oil Age and I will prate not on politics lest I ruin a good day. Before I was loathe to draw on the black and white with other colours, for fear of ruining it, but now I can undertake further expirements.

Bizarre experience: I pressed a Japanese symbol on Google Translate and it gave me the chance to submit an alternate translation for a piece of text from a Japanese Bonsai website.

Originally reading, 'This site is a bonsai, mini bonsai is a site designed to help people to give you all the love bonsai and bonsai to spread more bonsai, etc. Pieces'.

I suggested: 'Here you will find the bonsai within the bonsai so to speak. The raison d'etre of this site is to help others discover the loving nurturing of their inner nature-heart, may all hearts well-tended grow and everyone know care like a well-loved bonsai. Peace'.

If this is a test, I wonder if I will pass. Will a computer or a person look at this? Does it confuse the hell out of them by providing French? That was fun. Writing this post, I decided that if I awoke in the year 3000, like Futurama, my fate assignment officer would tell me I have a future inventing alien languages for future Futurama shows.

Get back to the future already, Michael J. Fox.

By the time I was being asked to suggest a better translation for, 'That was supposed to taste like a bonsai speaking elderly, and recently has become a quiet boom among young people and overseas.' I gave up. Still, by the miracle of google, I have already received a tailored advertisement for a five week creative writing course in Sydney that would allow me to get published soon. Part of me feels I am too busy digging the oil well in my own backyard because I know it is really hard to get published, either on paper or electronically, but I will look into it.

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