06 July 2011

Indiana Jones and the Israelites

This is quite a long story from long ago
with many ends in many far flung lands.

Over span immeasurable to the mind of man,
many poets have praised the multifarious,
multinuminous, multiluminous God
in many, many tongues.

Every morning, as the day dawns
And the sun rises,
I copy the Torah in the Holy Land.

Exploring diactritics, I remembered singing with Strange Weather Gospel Choir: "Go down, Moses, 'way down in Egypt land. Tell ole Pharaoh, let my people go!" This was the cry of the Israelites for freedom, the enchained Hebrew slaves. It makes sense that paleo-Hebrew was influenced by hieroglyphics. Of course, I am not embarassed to admit that I wrote it backwards. Hebrew is written right to left horizontally. Hey, I just really like the pictures, but I am learning.

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