20 July 2011

In other news, after downloading over five separate programs from different Canon websites all over the globe and multiple computer restarts, I can not scan negatives as I want to. It is a sign to sell my rangefinder.

In case you didn't know, the Mac Lion OS is coming, an automatic download has prepared my computer for migration. Woah. Backup. Backup. Let's see if it costs $30 from the Australian apple-vendors. It seems pretty low key in the media, although my reading of the papers barely extends beyond a quiz, let alone the technology section nowadays.

Perhaps the media is just to busy dusting lint off Mr Murdoch's shoulders with a feather duster. Don't get me started on Australian politics. At least the ABC explained Rupert's British media interests produced revenue of $1.6 billion US last year, a touch under five percent of $32.7 billion US overall. The presenter finished by saying that the impact on the empire was significant regardless. Yes, clearly people no longer watch television, so nobody sees Fox News around the clock.

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