28 June 2011

Food, Glorious Food

As Oliver cried...

There was a great difficulty in approaching sleep as I explored the world around me last night. A friend told me that the soldiers at Stalingrad had to seriously up their calorific intake to cope with the intense, bitter cold and lack of sleep. In fact, the starving populace of that city under seige had recourse to boiling book bindings for stew, old knackers glue went into their spines. Not a single branch remained on any single tree within the winter city, all for warmth the waood was burnt. Lately, I have been conscious that I need to eat more protein, but I forgot to put tofu in the recipe that I made for lunch. Salad recipe to follow, Aztec Asian.

I have chosen to become vegetarian again. The right path was confirmed when I wandered through Belconnen Market during dry set-up and the butcher was keen to chat. Belconnen Market is only properly open on certain days of the week, namely.... The car parking there is absoltely appalling, given what it must be like when the place is really busy. The butcher told me he was going to become vegetarian once he sold his store and his wife was vegetarian already. I could not help but humour and pine upon the enduring appeal of bacon. He confirmed that mud would taste good if you wrapped it in bacon, but could only offer honey and not even eggs. There are five butchers at Belconnen Markets. Go figure.

The butcher did suggest having a mouthful of the finest steak periodically. This is what I imagine people pay top dollar for at the world's most famous restaurants. A mouthful of this and that. Overrated?

So my chiropracter's advice was to use my siesta to undertake inversion straight after dropping a B Complex. This is one of the ways of coping with not getting enough sleep, or in fact, therefore, getting enough sleep. Discussing Stalingrad with him produced this remedy.

Soba Noodles

One bundle of Japanese noodle.
Four minutes in boiling water.
Strain. Rinse in cold water.
Would benefit from gentle spin in pappered lettuce spinner if available.

Mix juice of very ripe lime, mellowed to the colour of a lemon with but a wisp of pith remaining. Remember this fruit managed to last long enough in the holds of ocean ships to prevent scurvy as those men old sailed the ocean bold. Vitamin C.
Sweet chilli sauce.
Sesame oil.
Natural Peanut Butter how you like it.
Shake it up baby.

Dice avocado and mix with sauce and noodle.

If you have a food processer try mixing the avocado with the sauce in that. This would make an awesome dip.

Dice anything and everything you like with this salad, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, rocket, baby spinach or matchstick carrot. Anything and everything except fruit. Remember to add the tofu, a firm chewy pre-seasoned textrued one, in pieces. Sprinkle sesame seeds on top, add salt if you like. Lemon juice is fine if you have not lime.

Also, the magic iced tea tastes absolutely awesome over ice cubes and frozen raspberries. They go all soft and fresh and exploding. Big ripe juicy raspberries. Yes please.

For breakfast a shake make of:

Soy Milk
Chocolate Protein Powder
Alkalising Greens
Praise the Lord

Potential additions endless, certainly banana when our crop has recovered from the whirling winds of Cyclone Yassi and their price has dropped. The price of bananas should reduce, but new trees will not be mature until mid-late Spring 2012 I believe, if ideal growing conditions are present and prevail from the time of planting. Sunflowerseeds, diced cranberry, maybe some other nuts, or unsulphered apricots that have been rough chopped. The more serious your blender the better if you are going to add nuts.

This was my protein solution and is a good place to slip vitamins, such as Vitamin C powder, which can be upsetting on an empty stomach. Assuming the ship is out of lime. Well, I have found a good use for frozen lime juice now. Cubes, everything can go in cubes. Fresh orange juice with raspberries, but how can you layer ice or combine things at different temperatures while trying to maintain their separativity. The tempperature of the different substances will always approach a mean between the two as it constantly drops to freezing point again. Pineapple and mint ice cubes, orange juice and strawberry.

Stay tuned for the teriffic tale of onion jam, now we are going back to the trees, by which soon will be seen what I mean.

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