08 May 2011


A detail of my rug.

This weekend has been very busy making things.

This morning I made a muesli in a wine glass. Sort of a muesli. It was rye flakes on the bottom, soaked in raspberry juice, with apple wedges, stained with raspberry juice, Greek Yoghurt, Low Fat Ricotta, Haigh's Dark Orange Chocolate Block shavings, another plain organic yoghurt, some ginger marmalade and a scoop of Conessiuer Chocolate Honey Nougat Ice Cream on top. Oh, fresh raspberries throughout and more rye flakes to finish. The marmlade was a bit excessive, I admit. It was delicious. Nor did I stop to take a picture as I was too busy eating it.

Three small jars of marinated sheep's milk fetta. Things like garlic slices, rough cracked black pepper, bay leaves, oregano, lemon wedges, slow roasted zucchini and roma tomatoes are in there too.

Attended a fitting of my new boots. They are a hybrid design based on a picture and a chat with my cobbler. Green suede. The laces will be a thick (milk) chocolate brown when they are finished. There are no soles on them yet.

I don't know how I justified having these shoes made for me. Something about needing hardy shoes for travel. They are going to have a rubber soul, rather than leather. Also, I only get a pair of shoes every two years.

Finally, I feel at peace with the new lense I own. The Canon 2.8L 24-70mm. The next post I do will be full of leaves and bokeh. I spent a while scanning leaves collected from the surrounding streets too.

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