11 May 2011

Still Leaves


暈け or ボケ

Define and discuss:

the effective replication of the subconscious elimination of extraneous detail by our perception when we concentrate on something


Why wouldn't a tree want to be loved too and suggest beauty to everyone?

This is a film constructed from a walk through nature at its many different times. It is only small files and I need a digital workflow to make it from all the RAW files I have. I think I will probably just shoot in raw and large jpegs from now on and do more editing as I go.

Nonetheless, I like that every bit of the journey is included.

The scientists say, "The depth of field is the region where the size of the circle of confusion is less than the resolution of the human eye."

What is a polygon?

If you enlarge the second picture as much as possible in your browser, then can be seen the seeds not yet fallen from the miniature pine cones. Amazing how nature replicates its shapes. An appreciation for nature's Beauty is an inestimable charm in the Eye of God.

More pictures soon.

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