04 May 2011


New York City - Kristin Hoffmann
Chicago (AELCV) - Sufjan Stevens
Cortege Academique For Organ - composer Ernest Macmillan, performer unknown - shows the way around a pipe organ
Cheesy 80's Love Song - National Lampoon's Vacation Soundtrack SKIP!
People of the Underground - Anarchist Duck - badassfunk
Gan Likhi Ami - Sri Chinmoy - the song of an old, old Friendship
Blue Mountain Ridges - Fleet Foxes

I know that time exists
Because you are not here
It's the pain of love
Upon the mortal realm
Angels are jealous
Of human hearts
And earthly delights
You are like
Rachmaninov in Autumn
Just the best
Everything's a spell
That rings
With a hidden bell

I am straight like a tree
That moves like the wind
But seasoned thus by the wind
Well season'd all round
By the four seasons found

Vivaldi - Le Quattre Staggioni 1. Autunno

You've got the laughiest laugh
In the whole wide world
You're the sweetiest sweet
With the smiliest smile

Grieg: Holberst Suite - Sarabande Op. 40

You're the water
I'm the cup
to fill you up

You're the spinach in my Popeye
You make the best garlic-greens
Won't you come be my lullaby
I'll keep you warm all winter
Whispering sweet sweeter dreams
Of a forest evergreen
You make the world a
Much less lonely place
A much more lovely place
Won't you come and
Sing your sweet song
Whistle in my tree

My poems are full of shopping lists?
I wonder what they say about bacon in the Qur'an?

Leaving on a Jetplane - Jewel

Praise be to God
Praise be to God
Mercy be His Name
And Infinite His Game
I am humble before all creatures
I bow to the entire Creation
The vision of the
A perfect seed
Radial force
Definition beheld
All containing
Earth maintaining

You're so full of clever words

Diamond - Klimt - Snatch Soundtrack

She's Leaving Home - Goran Schossler

Germans capatilise all Nouns!

Jimi Hendrix - don't remember === too crazy

Ana Ng - They Might Be Giants

Lord Have Mercy on me - Sinner's Prayer - Ray Charles

Gun's and Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine

Just two patches, matching tartan on each shoulder, on the inside, I really just need a thimble and thread, time and maybe a thimble and the willingness to disparage a perfectly good cardigan, patches of course can just be a treatment for holes. Or sewn to serve as protective boles from the wind. Layered. I think an M1-replica army jacket would be the perfect thing to turn into a magical cloak, trickster's cape, a clown's jape. Depends on the colours I guess. There's a multitude of applications and decorations that could be made to such a potential piece of applique as such a large jacket with voluminity.

Can I see pictures you have drawn of clothes?
Mine look pretty silly I suppose.

I think that dress looks nice on you _ sufjan stevens

Seven Swans 2006 09 20 Fox Theater

Star Wars Main Title
Exit Stage Left
Pursued by A Bear
Although actually there's
No fanfare that could steal me out tonight
Unless it was a Superman costume
Everything depends on the next song
Hammerklavier - Allegro - Beethoven - one of his final opuses
Continued writing is mandated
This is turning into a bit of a big book
I'm quite content to let time pass
Hear beneath my everexpanding wall
And plot how to mount on gatorboard
With a big border that can be written
All around or at least maybe really really big
Fairly big anyway underneath for writing verse
With Posca Pens

Doing a couple of different ones
For the picture same
Practising numbers on them
!00 extra depending on construction costs
The viability of construction style artistic success
Collage potential infinite, one-piece-paper couplet-per-page zines,
An orgy of bricolage

First time I saw that.

David Helfgott playing Impromptu in G Flat D 899 Schubert

Plainly, this is not David Helfgott, but it is a pretty jazzy version nonetheless.

Kanye West v Sufjan - Zombies Walk

More piano music

Water water I want
I better stay home
But stories stories
I need to sing the same
Song a thousand ways
And so into the world
I roam.

Gan Likhi Ami

Gan likhi ami
gan geye jai
nidrar dekha nai

Ganer majhare
param shanti
charam tripti pai

Songs I write. I keep singing.
Sleep remains unseen.
From my songs I receive peace sublime
and satisfaction deep.

by Sri Chinmoy

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