20 April 2011


Just woke up from the strangest dream. (Hello? When are they ever normal?)

I was by a disused railroad and there was a fence parallel to it. All quite overgrown with shrubs and the like. Children were playing in small bunker-like cubbyhouses. A green field of grass separated my location from the presence of the nearby town I could sense. Hearing the roar of planes, I noticed a series of Australian Army C-130 Hercules flying past quite low. The aircraft climebd into the sky and then many soldiers jumped out with parachutes. The design on one of the parachutes was reminiscent of the Union Jack, so I figured this for a joint military exercise. Except the moment they landed it turned out the soldiers were actually all foreigners. Indeed, they were aliens of some sort, attempting to blend in with the rest of the human race.

Never have I seen a stranger assortment of beings so vividly. An amalgam of costumes and forms from various epochs and species; including a miniature pony, wearing Napoleonic regalia and a plumed helmet, while the pony itself sat in a buggy pulled by a stranger shaped horse. Bizarrely misconstrued uniforms were pretty popular. There was even a white camel whose dimesions were all wrong, too tall, too thin and lacking humps. I started making sarcastic comments along the lines, of, "Oh, you will be sure to blend right in...yeah, you got that one right."

As I had earlier called a few children out of a cubbyhouse to watch the parachutists falling and it quickly became obvious that these beings were about to chase me, I grabbed a child under each arm and started to run. Moving in the opposite direction of the landing site and town, I climbed into a yard. Suddenly and quite handily playground equipment was everywhere and as I got closer to a house, I began to wonder why the plants were giraffes that had tentacles for heads. They were part of the invasion too! Jumping on some bushes, they cushioned our landing into the next yard and we forced our way through somebody's backdoor.

There we were met by an old couple who were a little spooked as they told me, "Oh, there is a photographer here." I think I would recognise them both if I saw them again, their features were so present and they looked so normal. I hid in my grandmother's laundry (according to the layout of this house - it was a dream!) and begged the couple not to let the photographer in the front door. They seemed to acquiesce, but then turned to invite them in. I knew they had fallen under the spell of another alien. I forced my way past them and the photographer coming up the hall, who was a very tall feminine-like form draped with a sheet-like gown and wearing a veil tailored to her head. The old man got busy trying to look the door for some reason as I frantically worked to open it and let us all out.

I told the kids, "Look, we need to run and we will go faster if we run together instead of me carrying you." I was trying to make a game out of it, so they could cope and we would get away.

Then I woke up.

Motto: Don't go to sleep with the heater on! That was very, very, creepy, not exactly scary, but lots of shiver down the spine and cold tears upon immediate recall. Gone now, but I wish I could draw the beings I saw.

Footnote: If I tried to analyse this I would probably go mad, but I suspect the animals were emotions, my own and they were new ones. Maybe the photographer was an angel. See, can't work it out.

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