29 April 2011

This here Friday

"This Lindt Easter Bunny tastes like love."

Ten minutes later: "My tummy hurts."


Dissapointing amount of daleks. There really was umpteen amounts of room to incorporate a tardis landing tastefully in that Abbey. Much costuming and millinery abounds. Why didn't they get the guy from The Princess Bride to do the vows? My, what a big pipe organ you have.
That is my impression after watching ten minutes of the British Royal Wedding. I can only give it one star.


Say: “If the Ocean were ink (wherewith to write out) the words of My Lord,

Sooner would the ocean be exhausted than the words of My Lord,

Even if we added another ocean like it for its aid.”

These are the words I found in the Qur’an,

Say it out loud, in front of George Foreman and a big crowd,

Like my brother, Muhammad Ali, making all of Africa proud.

The first verse, not the second verse,

Makes universes small as earth rolls around

Over age, epoch and the thousand faces of man.

It was quite painful, the trees were bare

Orange flowers blazing in the lake

Prayers floating in the still waters of grief

Waiting for rain.

It just felt sad, like arrows of sad

Were flowing into my heart.


I see
O seed of the universe
Before me,
The lover's dance,
Where opposites romance,
'Neath the banner
Of cosmic chance;
Heaven our rest -
In God's Love
We nest.

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