21 April 2011


Time for a quick post afore work.

Last night I read poetry at The Phoenix slam. It was not in my plan, but I have wanted to see it since December and choir practice has clashed with my attendance. With choir in hiatus, I could go. Poetry is definitely not a competition to me, but I feel I am getting better at 'performing'. I have decided that I can own a microphone. Speed, timing, modulation, feeling and fluctation. Just like singing really. Probably not the most receptive audience, but I quite enjoyed the challenge of claiming some ears. I read the following:

I am an ordinary man
If the grass is ordinary,
The pebble, the tree and the sky,
I am an ordinary man.
The ripe fragrance of the hill
Which flows through my veins
At sunset,
One great big
...beautiful breath.

I tell you, the sky is living in my
throat; I can't walk down
the street without tripping
over twelve miracles.

Followed by:

The love that gives,
The love that receives,
These are not love.
The love that is,
The love that knows,
The love that goes,
What are these loves?
Who is this love?
Where is this love?
In knowledge not,
But love is knowing
Nothing known.
Why am I telling
What cannot be told?
What better words
Than already writ
In the stars bold?
Go away.
Go pluck them for yourself.
I am tired of words, words, words,
And the stars are waiting.
Now the night is long,
But life is short.
Don’t forget.

Today I would gladly sit at home and spend seven hours writing an essay on love, but it is not the best idea, even if it were possible. Craving some distance, distance, distance and space, space, space for appreciation, appreciation, appreciation. Plenty of time to write over the Easter break. I have decided not to go to the National Folk Festival and feel ambivalent about flying to Adelaide, but it will be fun.

(Apologies for the odd font sizes and random formatting, I didn't have time to fix the html after copying and pasting bits in.)

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