04 March 2011

I tend to avoid deleting things, so dear world, you get to keep Manic Guitar Man #36 from last post. The story I am reading now is Part 2 of Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicles called The Wise Man's Fear. 1000 pages of action the world has waited two years for, but lucky I who came late to the first part and only passed six months after finishing it.

Of late, I have witnessed many musicians perform, more across these past few months it seems than through my life entire. Worn and weathered, fair and fresh, many sorts. Ah, yes, the fantasy novel. The protagonist is a genius -it would not be much of a story otherwise- who also happens to be a musician by birth, being a member of the class of travelling troupers. Often it talks about the process of writing songs and their first performance. It was very helpful to have this perspective the last time I saw people sing and play. To know the etiquette when I am sitting around a fire that has been burning for thousands, millions of years.

I know I am wildly impatient to feel that I will never get chords and a clean sound just because my hand does not yet feel comfortable. Last night I saw it all as shapes and I realised that I don't have to get every chord, some are easier for sure and I can just work with the ones that I can do, even if that is kind of crude. Then I learnt about the ukelele!

I wrote a poem yesterday. It is dedicated to Sylvia Plath who claimed to have suffered the atrocity of sunsets. I recited it that evening to some new friends. They said it was lovely, real poetry, old school, not just people yelling at you and we all liked it.

I have borne
The magnanimity of dawns
And felt not the lesser
To find my heart hark
With but a tiny spark,
For Love wanders ever
In this sacred chamber,
Unbarred by strife
Of mortal plight -
That first lonely note I hear
Holds the song entire
And I recognise my part.

First choir performance this Sunday at Government House. Then next week I am going to try tenor at rehearsal as I just can't seem to sit on bass once the spirit moves me. There is also the chance to audition for solos next week.

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