13 February 2011

Strange Weather

I joined the Strange Weather Gospel Choir recently. The name is a combination of the following songs:

Eric Dozier is leading us for the next six weeks. We had a six hour workshop yesterday and learnt a lot about gospel, slavery, the civil rights movement and MLK. It was amazing, if exhausting, and I can't seem to remember any of the songs. We didn't use printed music. I filmed some of it, but unfortunately just how out of tune I am is alarmingly audible, otherwise I would post the video. I am struggling with being a low bass. I never thought I was a bass and it is hard not to start singing other parts, but listening is the main thing.

So I am listening to the Blind Boys of Alabama and Ray Charles today. Ray Charles took the melodies from the church and made songs like Hallelujah I Love Her So to much scandal. Vincent Dorsey added a blues and jazz feel to church music. I think that was the story! The video about Precious Lord is worth watching.

This is a real cool song too:

Last night at the multicultural festival I danced to a collective of Sierra Leonian drummers. It was sweaty work. I played some djembe too. I also met a guy who said he would invite me to talk about poetry on local community radio.

On the topic of strange weather, it feels like it has been raining all summer.

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