16 February 2011

Playing the guitar is way harder than I imagined. Getting the fingerings seems really unnatural and the angles are weird. I will need to become one with the instrument to understand what it wants to do. That is a good idea. I have three chords to practise and the ends of my fingers are getting tougher already. I will give it one month and observe my progress before buying a piano. I might get a piano anyway, but the goal is to be able to compose and sing my own songs.

The singing is going really well and choir is giving me more and more joy. It just took me a while to realise that being a bass was not all about being really low all the time. The other thing is really listening and feeling how the part fits in the song as a whole and then it gets a bit easier too. Then it is possible to forget what you are doing and actually sing a song rather than just make a sound! Being a bass is a blessing because quite often we sit on one note and this can be quite meditative. Listening to Mahalia Jackson as I write this and what a voice.

It feels like I have not written any poetry for a week or so, except I did write this on the bus this morning:

Everything turns to tears,
That is why I am laughing.
Everything turns to laughter,
That is why I am crying.

I am sure that I have said that before. I do have time at the moment to try and collate my poetry and make a book even. My concern is editing, not from the point of view that I will need to change any of the words, but grouping and choosing what qualifies for inclusion. I have started writing short stories about the people I meet, but this is such a small town that it will be hard not to pick the characters out with a bit of effort. Still they are pretty funny, so I will work that out.

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