22 February 2011

Last night I walked up Mt Ainslie from home. It takes a couple of hours and it quite exhausting. I decided to do this every Monday night and definitely recognised a few people on the trail from last week. It is not actually relaxing, because I march quite manic up the hill, but it is supposed to be exercise. It is satisfying after.

I finally made a short book out of my poetry and gave away six copies yesterday to friends and acquaintances. Here I was worried about which poems in which order and the first thing someone did was open it a random. When I told them that it was meant to be read from the start they said, "Why can't I open it anywhere?" So that is lesson one, I can not expect people to read it from beginning to end. For that matter, I can not expect people to read it at all! Another person said, "Why is the font size different? It feels like you are shouting at me in some poems?" I was just trying to balance the pages out, because there are a few really long poems, but they are mostly short.

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